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Aotearoa's Unique Maori Culture

Internationally know for there music, food, challenges, action songs, carving and history, this is a experience that should not be missed.

The Iwi (Maori) of the Waikato came to Aotearoa (land of the long white cloud) New Zealand in the mighty Waka (canoe) "Tainui".

Settling in the Waikato region the "Tainui" people are made up of many family groups, each with their own Marae.

Their Marae's are sacred ground and one must be invited to visit and again to enter the grounds.

Should you be invited, you will find that there are special protocols that must be followed and those who invited you will assist you through these.

In the section of the river, Discovery1 operates (Mercer to Port Waikato), there are two Iwi trusts governing their specific section of the Waikato River.

A river that is spiritually significant to the Tainui people and is essential that this be respected at all times.

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